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Protect your life

and provide for your family!

If something happens to you, do you know how your family will carry on?

If something happened to you tomorrow, would your family be able to survive? Would they have a way to make ends meet? When you get the right life insurance policy, your family will always be covered. When you trust our team, you can be sure that you can choose the right options for you to make sure your family gets the coverage they deserve! We have over 60 years of combined insurance experience.

Term life insurance basics:



Permanent life insurance basics:

• Insurance coverage for a term or period of your life

• Decrease premiums for the higher insurance protection

• Rates may change following a specific term expiration

• No equity or cash value is built up

• Precisely like it says: permanent, not for the given time

• Insurance coverage carries with you your entire life

• Will create equity and also have cash value

• Higher premiums than term life, however can be more valuable in the long term

When you want to provide for your family, K.L. Smith Agency LLC has the right tools to give you great coverage for great prices!

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Term and permanent life combined:

• Develop constant foundation of whole life coverage

• Supplement specific times of your life by way of term insurance